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Monday, December 10, 2018

Directory of Ministries and Organizations

The Council is an advisory panel to the Pastor. Each year in December, three members complete their term of office; two new members are elected and one is appointed by our pastor and begin their term at the January Council meeting. The Council considers various diocesan and/or parish-related projects and topics for discussion and/or feedback to the Pastor.

Parish Council members and term of office: Fr. Arnold, Father Sam, Deacon Kin, Deacon Fred, Eric Austin 2016-2018, Evelyn Angoco 2016-2018, Brent Limos 2016-2018, Chris Kaiser 2017-2019, Celeste Fong 2017-2019, Dexter Asuncion 2017-2019, Agnes Pascua 2018-2020, Steve Fong 2018-2020 and Ashley Duenas 2018-2020.

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Download Parish Pastoral Counil By-Laws below ...