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Monday, January 24, 2022


Mission Appeal May 17-18

Posted on May 05, 2014 in: General News

The weekend of May 17-18, Father Abraham Orapankal will make an appeal here in our parish for his diocese in India. He writes: “The young Diocese of Kohima, in the northeast of India, has over 60,000 Catholic converts belonging to 15 major tribes, each with its own distinct tradition, culture and dialect. The lay leaders, especially the full-time and part-time catechists, are in the forefront of evangelization as they contact new villages and tirelessly work to preach and convert. The Church is actively involved in the everyday life of the people and has achieved much in other forms of apostolate like education, health care, self-help projects, rehabilitation of the sick, the orphans, and the drug addicts. Much remains to be done for this interior and underdeveloped region and that is possible through the generosity of Catholics like you who join the Church’s mission of evangelization through your contribution, prayers and support. Thank you for your good will.” Let’s welcome Fr. Abraham with our traditional Aloha Spirit and help his cause as much as we are able. Mahalo!

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