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Friday, December 3, 2021


Ministry Fair October 3-4, 2015

Posted on August 14, 2015 in: General News

On the weekend of October 3-4, our parish will present a Ministry Fair where some of our ministries will be highlighted. First, I must offer a sincere “Mahalo!” to all our parishioners for your love and the support you render to our parish family. Anyone who visits our campus can readily see we are a very active and vibrant faith community. It really is AWESOME to see.
Secondly, another “Mahalo!” to our parishioners who are in ministry in our parish, serving your family, your friends and, yes, the strangers who need our help – from serving at our parish liturgies to serving meals to local families in need by being a Good Samaritan, from accepting a leadership role on our parish council to teaching the children in our religious education ministry. You give of your time, talent and energy to benefit others. “Mahalo!”
But what really is “ministry”? There are other people out in the community who volunteer their time, talent and energy for the benefit of others. To be a minister, however, is to serve in Jesus’ name. It means to be Jesus’ hands, to serve others because of the presence of Jesus in others. You know the verse from the Bible: “If you give a cup of water to someone who is thirsty, you give it to me,” Jesus said (Mark 9:41). We serve not just because we want to solve a problem like homelessness or hunger. We serve because we love and we love just like Jesus loves! We put other people’s needs before our own. We care more about them than we do about ourselves. It’s the Golden Rule put into action – “Do to others as you would have them do to you!” (Matthew 7:12).
It is our hope all our parishioners will begin to consider joining us in ministry. Ask the Lord to help you discern in prayer what ministry He wants you to choose. For any that you do choose, there is training and guidance and other parishioners to work side by side with you so do not hesitate to get involved. When the Ministry Fair weekend arrives, we will remind you about it, then go down to the parish hall after Mass, view the ministries on display, speak to the representatives who will be present there, pray more and then take action. Your hands and heart are needed!

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