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Monday, July 23, 2018

Directory of Ministries and Organizations

Purpose: Assisting adults in their search for faith and a spiritual home within the Christian family of the Catholic Church. RCIA ministers primarily to unbaptized adults. We also welcome Christians of other denominations who wish to become Catholic as well as baptized Catholics who have not completed their sacramental initiation for Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Duties: To present the faith and nurture the spiritual life of the inquirers through the liturgical seasons of the Church, the beginnings of a prayer life, a study of scripture and the life of Jesus, and the practical living of the Christian life in our parish. To recruit and train sponsors who welcome and befriend the inquirers, journeying along with them in their search for faith. Give retreats and introduce inquirers into a life of service out of love for Jesus.

Requirements: Inquirers - a sense of being at the start of “something new” – and the courage to enter into the search for faith, a sense of willingness to give faith an opportunity to work in you. Sponsors must be fully-initiated Catholics, willing to listen and encourage others, patient, understanding and dependable.

Contact: Deacon Kin