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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Directory of Ministries and Organizations

What are the benefits of registering?
1. Registering gives the pastor and parish staff vital information about who exactly is in the parish and thereby helps us identify the needs of our faith community. 
2. If you expect to receive sacraments at a parish other than St. Elizabeth’s, that parish will require you to give them a letter stating you are indeed a participating parishioner here and assuring the other parish you have been properly prepared to receive sacraments. 
3. When you register, the pastor accepts the responsibility for your spiritual care. For instance, if a person is sick or dying, the pastor has the responsibility for that person and must see to their need, especially that they receive the sacrament of anointing. 
4. At the time of registration, you may also request to receive the envelopes used for the Sunday collection which helps donors keep track of their monetary contribution. 
Welcome Ministry contacts: Wendy Ford, Patrick Downes